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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Prototype of Awkward Chat

Below is the dialogue between myself today and a 9 year old girl whilst we were, for some reason, colouring in some Islamic art patterns. The context was that the kids and I had been talking about films, such as Hotel for Dogs, Freaky Friday and 'Coyote Ugly'.

GIRL - Well, Mr Walker, have you seen that film '18 Year Old Virgin'?
ME - I have yeah, but it's called '40 Year Old Virgin'. It's pretty funny -
GIRL - Noooo! It's DEFINITELY called '18 Year Old Virgin'.
(awkward silence )
ME - What happened in it? ... What sort of film -
GIRL - (abruptly) I can't remember!
(awkward silence)
ME - Oh my god.

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