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Saturday, 23 April 2011

A Personal Press Release


Absolute inertia has well and truly set in and I have currently been sat at my desk for five and a half hours and have absolutely nothing to show for it. Internal consensus is starting to make clear that I am almost disarmingly workshy and my inability to structure my time is becoming painfully apparent. The dissertation draft is due in in three days, meaning much work needs be done - this fact stands in brazen opposition to my mental state, which is veering sporadically between pining desperately for emotional stimulation - seeking respite in the horrible sage of the chimp eating a lady's face on Youtube - and satisfying physiological needs my stuffing my head with Fox's Jam 'n [sic] Cream.

For one of my papers, in which I will be examined in just under 5 weeks. I have attended only seven lectures and read precisely nothing. For another, I have developed a raging indifference to the discipline itself, best expressed by the other half of my brain here. For the final paper, Sociology of Education, I fucking love it but have not given it any thought for about two months.

To rapidly taxonomise everything else in my life, the awareness that I will be teaching my own class in under half a year is as exciting as it is surreal and frightening. Graduation will be a jolly old hoot. And to end on a cheery note, if I fail to get a 2.1, I actually fear for myself.

Until next time.

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