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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Walk Straight

About growing up to be a man

Watch the way you walk, my boy
And straighten up your style.
A feeble posture may well foster
Talk about you child.

First of all let down that smile
The muscles of your cheeks fall down;
You will not convince anyone
Unless you wear a frown.

And when you pass another man
It's vital you ensure
Your eyes don't meet, so watch your feet
And stare straight at the floor.

Don't let your head tilt either side
But stiffen up your neck
And keep it straight, anticipate
You keep yourself in check.

Knuckle up those slender hands
Contort your fingers into fists
Perform your power, make them cower
Wield your manhood from those wrists.

Puff up your chest and soldier on
Deeply gorge on each inhale
In through the nose, and you'll impose
A quite convincing male.

Do not allow, at any cost
To snakelike-wind your hips
But trudge with force and this, of course
Ranks high among my tips.

The length of every manly step
Should roughly be the same.
A lengthy stride, feet parted wide,
And you should meet your aim.

Go placidly amid the boys
And you'll be weak and mild.
Go forcefully, walk straight and frown
And be a man, my child.

by Jonny Walker


  1. Lovely last line. Great Blog in general - really interesting for someone like me who had quite a cloistered education and is starting Teach First next year.