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Saturday, 27 December 2008

Chav Hatred = Class and Race Hatred (long long post)

Does it strike you as hypocritical that our society views itself to be so tolerant, when actually, much of our solidarity draws upon mutual hate? It strikes me as even more strange that so many people would be quick to highlight that they themselves are not racist; it is seen as insulting to call somebody a racist, particularly if they are one. "I'm not racist but..." is a common prefix to an offensive comment. It is wrong to declare your hatred for black people, for Asian people, for foreign people in general. Racism does happen and there is a lot of racism about; I'd say this is heightened in the current economic climate where people look for someone to blame for how bad things are.

It strikes me as bizarre that a particular breed of racism is not merely ignored and overlooked but is positively encouraged and mainstreamed into our modern thick jingoistic culture. This racism is against the white working class - the new scapegoat.


Everyone knows of chav culture (of lack of ... because they don't have one because they are unculture, the underclass) - chav is one of the most widespread terms in the modern lingo. What does chav mean to you - when somebody says chav, what do you imagine? Chances are, the chav you imagine is white - a runtish scruffy male in a tracksuit or if female, pregnant, smoking, big cheap ear-rings? Chav is a word as much as any word; the fact that it is often used jokingly does not detract from the meaning behind it.

The rich in our society tend to be intermingled and cosmopolitan. Richness is, I would imagine, overwhelmingly white in our country, but I do not think there is much stigma attached to the successful from their successful comrades. The main characteristic of the rich is their wealth; the main characteristic of the poor is their colour. When racist stereotypes spread around society, they invariably also carry the burden of being working class (or underclass because they don't work...) So when the media fanned the flames of the 'black mugger' folk devil, people didn't expect to be mugged by the suited and booted black men with respectable jobs, they expected to be mugged by the 'gangsters' of the inner cities. The Kosovan rapists who were thought to be out on the prowl in the Northern towns were not successful economically but were on benefits.

The hated groups in our society change frequently - black, pakistani, arab, gypsy. What never changes is that they are poor.

Chav is a term for a white member of the working classes who is scapegoated as being the scourge of society. Nigger is a term for a black member of the working classes who is scapegoated as being the scourge of society. Chav is equally as offensive as Nigger - it is just much more acceptable to victimise the white working classes because it isn't seen as racist - as the racists are themselves white. Chav hate is class hate in disguise.

Let's clear up some facts before I give some examples of class hate that it is oh so acceptable to perpetuate. Recent studies have shown white working class boys to be the lowest performing group within secondary schools. 93% of people residing in Britain are white. There are pockets of deprivation within our rich country which put us to shame - untouchable groups of individuals in certain areas who play no role within society; that is to say they are not included. In the inner cities of Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, the North East - not to mention inner city London - where there are families that have been completely dependent on state benefits for generations. There is the idea that the working class has fragmented - the 'working' class work, the 'underclass/chav class/ scum' do not.

On to chav hate; this blog post has been inspired by my noticing somebody's groups on their facebook. This male, a fellow student in Cambridge, is a member of several charity groups - against cancer, child abuse etc. This enlightened and intelligent (world leading undergraduate...) male is a member of both of these two groups.
  • I bet I can find 1,00,000+ who hate the BNP
He can join a group against the BNP because victimising people because of colour is bad (bad meaning stigmatised). He can join a group for Chav-Hatred because victimising people because of class is fine.

Let's have a deeper exploration into the murky world of chav-hatred and see what's being said in these groups.
A charming young man in the university of York (one of the top tier of universities in the country) leaves this post - I found a petition to kill all chavs
91 signatures so far.
Do your part for your community, sign now.
I wonder if it would be as acceptable to call for the black, Asian or any other ethnic group to be killed. Of course not. I'll leave some more extracts for consideration...
  • why should we be handing out benefits for them to go and smoke and drink and spend on themselves whilst their kids start school with behavourial problems and learning difficulties because they haven't had any stimulation from their parents "cos they can't be bovered" . Not to mention the free housing they get .... whist we struggle to pay our mortgages especially in this "credit crunch"
  • (from the same York University student who posted the above link) Bring back eugenics.
  • While I do not condone violence, a simple strategy would be to remove all welfare benefits handed out to single young mothers as a way of removing their incentives to procreate. Do we need anymore evidence that society in the UK is heading towards a morality crisis that will last for at least another two generations? Baby P, Shannon Matthews?
  • Just after as many benefits as they can get their wothless, jobless, skanky hands on. Some older, married couples who are desperate for a baby can't even have one, yet we see these chav children flaunting their kids about like it's something to be proud of. They should be ashamed of themselves. Their kids should be taken off them and put into good homes, and the chav mums and dads should cast out onto the streets for everyone to throw things at!
  • All chavs should be shot. All chav survivors should be shot again. I, too, am all for vigilante chav beatings.
  • All chavs should be shot. if the government had any sense they would see the link between chavs and the failing economy. Maybe chavs should be given injections to stop them having kids. i am all for vigilante chav beating
Doesn't this make you proud? Welcome to mainstream consensus in our society. They would argue passionately against being called a racist but will stand proud amongst the masses and profess their wishes to kill the chavs. How can this be tolerated? The question it makes me pose is who does this hate benefit? It certainly take the strain off of the government if those in the lower echelons of society blame eachother for the governments failings... This isn't merely an internet based expression of carefree freedom of speech.

Look to Jeremy Kyle, making a daily freakshow of the white working classes whilst jeremy, 'the man of the people', tells it like it is. 'Stop having children.' ' Get a job.' Well done Jeremy, you really are the voice of reason aren't you? Programmes like this serve the same function as the madhouses in days of old - allowing the 'normal' to observe, scrutinise and draw enjoyment from their inferiors from a safe distance. There is the lynch mob mentality as seen in the comments like 'i am all for vigilante chav beating'. It's shocking - what's more shocking is how 'unshocking' it is to everyone else.

What chance have we got if those who are supposed to be the educated ones are equally susceptible to this media-fuelled hateful bullshit? Those who are espousing lynch mob mentality, who suggest eugenics, cannot be pooh-poohed as narrow-minded idiots - they represent a far too common viewpoint and are the future top-tiers of society. Is it stupid to view programmes like Jeremy Kyle, the godawful Daily Mail (and increasingly the redtop papers) as pseudo-propaganda? They are more powerful at spreading hate than much wartime propaganda.

There are distinct overtones of fascism and capital punishment that fuel the entire chav-hate agenda. Does it seem as though I am overanalysing and overstating the point? It may seem so but this is wrong - it is no longer even questioned that chavs are the scourge of society. In the same way, it became 'common-sense' amongst the German public that the Jews should be eradicated. The language is even reminiscent of the mechanisation of hate - eugenics, eradication, the 'procreation'.

'Chavs' are more and more perceived to be emotionless and instead embody certain traits. Like the Jews were said to be innately greedy, the chavs are innately lazy. the chav is a lay-about - stealing from your hard earned labour. Chavs have children so they can play the welfare system and get more benefits ? Surely that level of strategic foresight is too much for their feeble cider-addled brains to muster. The entire bundle absolutely stinks of hate - if the public agrees with an idea, it becomes very accessible for a government to put it into action.

To leave this off, here is a big extract from the facebook group 'Get off your Chav Arse & get a Job, you Scrounging Social Parasite Bastard'. Note the political rhetoric of 'them versus you'. It's as worrying as it is frustrating.
  • Sick of the work shy, benefit stealing scum? Annoyed with the shirkers of society who insist on milking the system of any cash they are so called entitled to?
  • No wonder this country is on its knees. And it's no thanks to these scrounging bastards who mercilessly continue to rape the shit out of the welfare state with no intention on repaying their debt to society by getting a job.
  • These bastards are content in laying back and reaping the benefits of your hard work - your toil, sweat and effort.
  • Fed up of the Gimme, Gimme, Gimme attitude that these fuckers have effortlessly adopted due to years and years of slip shod management of the welfare state?
  • This group is for you.
  • Let's turn the tables on these bastards once and for all.
  • If you don't agree with the principles and viewpoints of this group, please do not join. It really is that simple.

Watch out for Chav hate and be careful not to fall into it yourself as it becomes more and more acceptable in the mainstream. The less serious the hate is taken, the more serious it is becoming for it becomes 'a given' to despise a certain group of people. I notice the abundance of 'Chav Nights' - the new fancy dress theme.

The chavs may not appear vulnerable once they have been besmirched as drug taking, alcoholic, immoral, criminal, interbreeding vermin, but in reality, the poorest of the white working classes are defenceless. Failed by education and by society, they are well and truly outsiders.

It seems over the top to end on this sentence but beware of the hate.

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